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Weekly Writing

Greetings, lovely community members! Hope you're all having a wonderful start to your week. After a short break, we're back with our second edition of Writing Prompt! The prompt is in the form of a sentence starter, from there you'll be able to write a short paragraph or more of a scene from your character's perspective. The sentence can be anything in your story: dialogue, a thought, a memory, etc. Mature themes are allowed but please use warnings if they are needed! With that said, here's this week's writing prompt:

"You will never escape."

Black_Wolfie Cellar walls and living darkness. The smell of smoke overhead. Mother's harsh words all my life, replaying in my ...
Black_Wolfie A folklore the villagers had spread amongst themselves. Guarded by a woman who never aged, with magic like a vengeful go...
Black_Wolfie The darkness was always something I’d hated. I hated the dark, hated the thought of being stuck there forgotten, I...